The Water Development Program aims to provide safe drinking water for all, free of Algae, Bacteria, Bleach, Chlorea, Chlorine, Ecoli, Bilharza, Fungi and other water-borne diseases, improving the quality of the water supply for those tendering arable land and dealing in livestock, as well as the quality of life for those dependent on water in polluted areas.

Our products are derived from a non-hazardous no-chemical solution produced magnetically through the formation of ions in the water, free of harmful chemicals and toxins. The purification qualities found in our products are similar to those of mineral salts – the best natural water purifier known to mankind. They also act as a sterilising agent, known to possess healing qualities.

The beauty of the products developed by the Water Development Program is in the simplicity of the production process. With no need for complex or expensive machinery to produce ionised water, our products can simply be added straight from the bottle to contaminated water.

In comparison to other products, the Water Development Program offers a highly cost-effective alternative water solution, one that remains active within water supplies for as long as there are impurities to combat.

picture of little girl carrying water